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    FTC Action Against Vemma
    Some of you may have seen this today:

    It was a little scary at first because Vemma was pretty active at Affiliate Summit (maybe a year ago?) and the FTC action talks extensively about "affiliates." I even found an old press release where Vemma talked about how it had changed its business model from MLM to affiliate marketing.

    However, it was apparently only a branding thing. I think they thought they could take advantage of the growing reputation of affiliate marketing and try to make it look like that it what they were doing. But in the was still a pyramid scheme.

    Here's my take on it:

    I'll be anxious to see what kind of mainstream media picks up on the story because apparently it is a pretty big consumer issue.
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    The things people think that they can get away with. I've always read nothing but bad remarks against these guys. Hope the ceo was able to enjoy his stolen cash while it lasted.

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    I had a consultant for MLM I met at Affiliate Summit tell me to never cross affiliate marketing with MLM. MLM is heavily monitored by the FTC. Sounds like Vemma broke the cardinal rule.

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