Hello everyone,

I would like to share very bad experience we had with Mydeal Malaysia:

We started our business relation with them at July 2014.
The cooperation worked good for a while, till October 2014 when they suddenly stopped to send us the payments.
We sent them mails asking to get the 3,446 USD payment that they owe us for October 1st till Nov 30th. It derived from their systems, and we have print screens to back it.
Their Affiliate manager answered 'you will get your payment soon'.
Nothing happened.

Since then till those days their Affiliate managers got changed many times. We tried to get them over and over again by Skype mails and phone call, and got no answered or empty promises say the money would be pay soon.
During all this time not even one action really happened from their side to further this issue.

Have any of you encountered issues with them as well..?