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    January 18th, 2005
    I LOVE running my affiliate numbers through all sorts of configurations, poking and prodding to see what's there and hey, it's a great time-spender when you don't want to build pages, but feel like you "should" be working.

    So I was running numbers for the first quarter of this month and decided to see how the independents/networks broke down as to how much money (percent of quarterly earnings) they were putting in my pocket on a regular basis.


    37.07% CJ
    28.60% Independent
    15.68% Performics (will be higher Q2)
    10.27% LinkShare
    5.62% Independent
    3.95% Independent
    1.96% Amazon
    1.43% Independent
    0.96% QuinnStreet
    0.50% Independent

    Your experience?

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    Did you do the 2 week free trial of AffTrack (from newsletter? If you love the numbers wait till you see what it does, just shy of making coffee!


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    January 18th, 2005
    I saw the offer (in the newsletter) and headed over there immediately, but didn't want to start the two week trial *this* week.

    It did make my numerical self all tingly, though.

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