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    With nothing better to do, I decided to check out Amazon on Alexa. Here's what it says:

    Average traffic ranking: 34
    Links pointing in: 345,215

    Since Amazon claims to have over 600,000 affiliates, something doesn't add up. I myself have over 100 links to Amazon. Let's say that the average is 10 links, that would only make 34,500 active affiliates.
    I tried other Amazon pages and get the same "links pointing in" number, so the 345,215 number must represent a total for the Amazon site


    1) Amazon is largely overstating it's affiliate base OR
    2) Most of the 600,000 affiliates don't have links up OR
    3) Alexa's numbers are F***ed Up.

    What do you think?

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    3) Alexa's numbers are F***ed Up.
    All are possible, but I'd say number three is a definite contributor. Alexa's number should ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt.

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    I have around 1000 links to them.

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    Altavista 3938976 links
    Google click to view
    Hotbot 5900 links

    I don't doubt the 300K +++ links in!


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    Alexa's links in are seriously under-reported. Just check with some of your own sites and compare against what you already know and you'll see the point [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    I sent an email to alexa about their links pointing in a while ago, and they said that their links numbers are "site to site" so that 100 links on one site is only one link in. So it's not the number of html links, it's the numbers of *sites* that link to amazon.

    Just my two cents. I don't know why that wouldn't equal 600,000, though. I would imagine they have lots of affiliates that aren't always active. And I'm sure Alexa misses some, too.

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    I would think that the 600,000 figure goes back to their first signups and includes everyone in between. Heck I probably have 5 accounts with them myself.

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