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Thread: 20% OFF Labor Day Sale from AirTurn is Exactly What You Need

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    20% OFF Labor Day Sale from AirTurn is Exactly What You Need
    20% OFF Labor Day Sale from AirTurn is Exactly What You Need

    AirTurn's LABOR DAY SALE!
    SAVE 20% OFF goSTAND or goSTAND BOOM Bundle
    until Monday, September 7th at Midnight.
    Have you seen the goSTAND Gig and Go video yet? If not, check it out right now! Just click on the video to your right.

    Every mobile musician needs a mic or tablet stand that is easy to carry around in a backpack and set up at a moment's notice. You already carry around your digital sheet music in your tablet, instrument on your back, why not have your portable goSTAND with you as well?
    Today through Labor Day Weekend; Monday, September 7th, we're giving you*20% OFF the portable goSTAND and/or goSTAND BOOM Bundle. Make every gig a breeze and enter GOSTAND20 at checkout when you pick up your goSTAND today.
    More details at
    More Bassists are Turning to Technology!
    More bassists are turning to techonolgy to manage their music at gigs. There are several popular apps that let you use your iPad or tablet to display your charts. To keep your hands on the bass instead of the tablet, you're going to need to have a reliable Bluetooth footswitch in y our gig bag...
    Bass player, John Kuhlman writes a review for the PED in this month's issue of BASS MUSICIAN MAGAZINE.
    Check out the article HERE.


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time.
    Have a great week!
    Thank you,
    Dave Tamkin
    The Gig 'N Go
    Bundle Video

    SAVE 20% on AirTurn's most popular collection of bestselling solutions for all musicians!

    We've combined the DUO, portable goSTAND with boom, and the MANOS mount with side arm. The DUO will work with any Bluetooth Tablet or iPad.

    Click it to Get it!

    Read More From 20% OFF Labor Day Sale from AirTurn is Exactly What You Need...
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