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    Does anyone know of more merchants that give out their database to affiliates? The gocollect thing is rock-n-roll IMO and I wan't to find more merchants willing to do the same.

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    Allposters :

    Datafeeds containing linking information for database driven sites or other large sites are available upon request.

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    *** Data Feeds !!

    Ok, many of you have been requesting datafeeds from me. Some of you already have them from prior arrangements we had set up.

    Here is the deal:

    BF came to me a few weeks ago and asked me to participate in a new service they were developing. This is a beta test, so be patient.

    BF has agreed to take our complete datafeed, add the unique affiliate codes, slice and dice the data and make it available to our affiliate partners that request it from them.

    Not everyone will qualify for this program. That determination for this beta will be made by BF and TigerDirect.

    I am taking website names and contact information so that I can compile a list and send it to BF. This is a free service for now, if interested, get in while you can and request one now.

    They may be charging for this service later, I don't know, but if you are already receiving it when they go live, i can make sure you continue to receive it free.

    Please send your requests with subject line: BF Data File Request. Include site name and contact info. A BF rep will be contacting you to set you up if you are approved for the beta.

    Thank you,

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    They may be charging for this service later

    errrrrr...... charging whom?

    Seeing as there are merchants who don't charge for a datafeed, why would an affiliate want to pay? I can see where a merchant might want to pay to have BF slice and dice and get it ready for the table, but paying for a datafeed as an affiliate....


    IMHO I think more merchants should develop their own cookie cutter scripts and offer them to affiliates with a database.

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    any more? [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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