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    Understanding Content
    Understanding: Content

    The many shades of content:

    Understandably, many online advertisers have a high desire to reach potential consumers via content publishers. It is this attitude that has given rise to the evolution of several new methods of marketing such as Retargeting, Pre-targeting in the affiliate space and the advent of the sales driven blogosphere. This is neither a net positive nor negative for the overall affiliate space. It can be a drag if we do not understand the rationale behind this turn of events. However, it can be a boon for those who have a grasp of the true value within the content channel.

    What the heck do advertisers want?

    Cheap display is the name of the game. Advertisers understand that in a space as vast as the online world, display content with a CPA payout is one of if not the most cost effective methods of targeted branding. It is very important to note that in many cases, advertisers see click sales through content as a bonus rather than an expectation. For those attempting to capitalize on the effective sale of content placement on CPA, this must be understood. Advertisers are mobilizing networks and sub networks under the mantra ``content is cleaner marketing``. Do not be fooled! Content is just cheaper marketing.

    How are networks, sub networks and agencies affected?

    Let me be clear, the cost saved through this method of advertising is subtracted directly from the payment of the above mentioned partners. It is essentially saving at the expense of the marketer. Large scales content publishers cannot afford to offer content placement at such slim profit points, thus many have turned to direct relationships and standard display deals, ouch! This has left networks and sub networks holding a somewhat empty bag of less than profitable content sites.

    The answer:

    Understanding of the goal gives life to the best solution for what is becoming a financial stumbling point for content publishers, networks and sub-networks. You have to understand that this is a situation in which sales and marketing are not always going to play nice. Those doing the marketing must understand how their channel is being used and what it is being used for. The next step is for content publishers to be compensated for their true value rather than the value of others verticals. This means the value of the impression and the value of the click rather than simply the value of the click sale.

    The mall:

    Letís take a trip back to the virtual mall that we know as the online sales and marketing space. Content sites represent the people walking around the mall dressed to the nines in their Sunday best. These are brand influencers. If a brand were to ask those influencers to hawk their gear and promise to pay them only when the consumer takes them by the hand, walked into the store and makes the purchase without letting go, the influencer would say NO WAY. That would not and does not meet the needs of the marketer. For many advertisers, influence is that value; so it is the influence that must be compensated. This means the consideration of CPC and CPM for content compensation.

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    Thanks for this Benx, it provided a lot of food for thought! Just wondering, did you write this yourself or is it taken from someone else's blog? if so, I think you should probably credit them in the post!


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    I wrote it

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