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    Smile How to find a niche
    How get i ideas for a nichsite? I use Google Keyword Planer, Google Suggest, Amazon Bestseller, Brainstorming, and Market Sumurai. Please comment excat Websites or software tool for finding a good niche.

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    Totally wrong approach - begin with something you enjoy and about which you have a measure of knowledge or expertise. That can be a pastime or hobby or some area in which you have worked or studied, or something you've helped a relative or friend with, or related to a type of music you listen to (or play) or tv shows you watch or food or drink you enjoy. The possibilities are endless.

    But the worst mistake you can make in this business is to start a site in a niche you pick just because you think it could be popular when you have no interest in or knowledge of the topic.

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    Another think I'd add to Phil's post is that it needs to be a subject that you can keep writing about regularly in the long run (comeing years).

    It can be hard to know what subject you will be able to keep on writing about. I think the only way to find out is by getting started and seeing how it goes nad then don't be afraid to start a new site if the first one doesn't work out.

    It's a learning process and those "failure" sites are part of the learning process as you find out what works for you.

    The first 2 sites I started I got to about 30 posts and then dried up, my third site turned out to be something that it looks like I will be able to maintain for years to come as I have no trouble in thinking of new things to write about.

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    This is the most important criteria atleast for me when it comes to making or breaking your campaign. It is always a good practice to research and understand the niche you are planning to go after. Don't just blindly go after any random niche but plan what niche you are going to go select and make sure that you are passionate about the niche you are about to promote. Finding niche is not that hard and can be done by going through some keyword research guides that are freely available all over the internet. Brian Dean's blog has some really good strategies in regards to keyword research and other strategies on how to promote and rank your properties.

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    Just like Phil mentioned above it is good to begin with something you enjoy. That way you will get the feel of what is expected. When you start getting good into marketing the tools you mentioned above can become very handy.

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    Agree with above - make it something you enjoy / find fun. If it's your first time, looking in all those places is also going to be harder because you're going to find more competitive niches. The first site I ever made money off was about getting rid of hiccups. Sounds ridiculous but there are a lot of searches for it and very little competition. Pre penguin/panda it was getting lots of traffic and making decent money off ads...

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    Any of us could give you millions of niche' opinions. In reality. It has to be something you love. Or you will burn yourself out. You want to write and build a website about something you love and know a lot about.

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