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    The purposes of using blogspot of Affiliate program?
    I am a newbie in Affiliate program. I'd like to know about blogspot. What is the purpose of blogging in Affiliate program?

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    Maybe it's so they don't have to buy a domain and hosting. I'd suggest if you can afford it. Don't use blogspot and buy a .com domain.

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    "Purpose" is to promote, like with any other web presence. But, yea, if you're going to blog to promote, of even if just to disseminate your knowledge and opinions, stay away from blogspot. By using blogspot, you are giving your content to google, and they then have ownership and control over it and on blogspot have been know to censor and edit posts about which they receive complaints and you have no recourse.

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    Not only that, but many merchants don't take applications from blogspot other subdomain hosted sites as seriously as those from affiliates who have their own domains. Buy a domain and a hosting account, build a brand. It will pay off down the road and it's not that expensive.
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    If you want to build a business online treat it as one. Invest some money do not believe those old internet dreams of making money without spending a dime. Things have changed so too is the online business.My advice is get a domain, a hosting account an autoresponder service and start building your business.

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