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    where can get training on Affiliate Marketing ?
    Can any one please can suggest a proven agency or firm that provides training and support to those who wants to start Affiliate marketing ( Performance Marketing business ) ?

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    99% of such courses are out and out scams, taking $$ for either info that is readily available for free (tons of that right here) or bad, often black hat, advice.

    That said, one long-time legitimate and well-respected course is James Martell's "School of Internet Marketing" and Affiliate Boot Camp.
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    Here is actually a good place to start. In this forum you will learn a lot about affiliate marketing than you will buy from online. Start with the basics and keep asking questions here you will learn by taking action.

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    I have come across many blogs that teach you all the basics and the advanced. Highly suggest you checkout blogs from and These two blogs should be a good start to get your feet wet when it comes to the basics. Also, make sure you take action and not only read.

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    In the age of google and youtube there is no need to pay someone when there is so much information available on the net. Just be careful not everything on the net is true and not everyone with a webpage knows what they are talking about. Forums and groups are a great place to get information. Sometime there is no better teacher then going out and messing it up a few times.

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    Be very careful about the advice you follow. Some of the ones out there are known for being less than scrupulus, while others have stellar reputations. Check out James Martell and by Shawn Collins. Both are highly respected and quite ethical.
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    You can consult these documents on the forum with lots Affiliate. No schools training class Affiliate Marketing. If yes then this is only your money scam

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    you should find out about the company before school

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    In my opinion, affiliate marketing is very easy concept, just send the customer to the merchant. It doesn't require any training on its own but what require training is how do you successfully utilize the channel or platform that you use to attract those customer (blogging, youtube, facebook, twitter, or whatever). Some affiliate programs will provide this information after joining but if they don't it isn't big problem because there are many channel on youtube teach that skill for you (and for free).

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