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    Understanding: Seasonality
    Understanding: Seasonality

    Oh how instructive it is to realize that all things are predicable when sufficient information is understood.

    At times it can certainly seem as though there are a million things to think about when managing either your affiliate program or your affiliate adspace(s). Letís be real for a sec, there are a million and one. However, that does not mean that we are up the creek without a paddle. There are plenty of guiding factors out there to provide you with direction in your revenue increasing endeavors. One of, if not the most instructive factors is seasonality. So, what information do we need regarding seasonality and how can we use it? Here are a few helpful tips.

    Normal fluctuation:

    There are a number of ways to define the term seasonality. So lets me be clear, we will define it here as such.

    *A predictable fluctuation in consumer activity, as dictated by time, weather, or pre planned event.

    These normal fluctuations present us with a map by which we can plan our marketing activities. There is great understanding at the moment as to how normal seasonality affects each industry on average YoY. It is sufficient to follow this readily available data in the standard management of your program. And we do mean in the Standard management of your program only.

    This process is basic seasonality utilized 101. You will find that it will do wonders for your program or adspace(s) to maintain a relevant list of seasonality to build from. It is recommended that you create a list that covers a full year. Remember that the more specific, creative and targeted you get, the better your chance of success throughout your campaign schedule. For example you can keep separate lists of normal seasonal fluctuations by type as follows.

    ē Quarterly seasons
    Winter, Spring, summer and fall
    ē Holiday seasons
    Valentine ís Day, Easter, etc
    ē Event seasons
    Spring break, sport break, back to school, the Olympics, etc


    While it is simple enough to understand the above examples, it is also likely that your competitors do as well. In orders to truly differentiate yourself from others, an understanding of what we will call the Gaps in common understanding is required.
    Look for these Gaps within each season. This is where skill and understanding become one interchangeable term. It is helpful to plan for the existence of these Gaps by leaving a windfall in either your offer schedule, or traffic generation budget.
    Letís simplify, advertisers can do this by setting aside general offers or content that can be easily modified. When a seasonality Gap is identified, such as a hot new product or service, deploy your windfall proportion to the external or desired buzz.
    Likewise, publishers should constantly be on the lookout for such situations. Deploy your resources accordingly. The point of understanding this type of seasonality is to put the agility of your business in the driverís seat.


    Something helpful to keep an eye on is what you might call the Peak Meter. This is to say, keep an eye on any fluctuation in the otherwise predictable ups and downs of the industry or vertical of choice. Over the course of any given year there are extremes, peaks in otherwise predictable seasonalities. For example, a confluence of predictable events that creates a super event. Itís the good old perfect storm.

    ``Christina? Christina, can you hear me?``

    So how can we find and take advantage of these opportunities? Itís simple enough, lists lists lists are the answer. Keep a close eye on all possible seasonalities. When you have multiple storms about to collide, deploy your resources. Example: extra cold Christmas or low oil prices in January. Use your creativity and keep a weather eye on the horizon. Be confidant and get money Homey!

    ``I always find the fish. Always!``

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    Quote Originally Posted by benx View Post
    Understanding: Seasonality

    ``I always find the fish. Always!``
    Really? Catch 'em?
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhia7 View Post
    Really? Catch 'em?
    you know it!

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