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    There is P3P validator at:

    You can type in a merchant's URL to see if they are P3P compliant.

    For example, when I tell it to check the system reports back that there is no P3P file. (also I tried an Amazon affiliate link and it also failed to the test)

    I'm not sure if amazon uses cookies, however, if they do, their affiliates/associates may have a problem with affilate tracking from users who use IE6.

    Some other merchants that I tried seem to have the P3P file present, but the validator is reporting errors. eg. has a P3P file, but it appears to have minor errors in it (not sure if this is a serious error). seems to have their P3P file totally wrong.

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    (scripts to help affiliates)

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    Great tool ... Thank you!


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    Great tool indeedy!


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    This might be a real pain to do but....

    Haiko, could you make a page of compliant vs noncompliant for all the merchants - like with the scumware page?

    Then maybe send out notifications to them?

    Just a thought.
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    Okay, I'm trying to figure out some of this still, since I now have IE6 and get to take notice of the little red private eye on my browser.

    One of the things that has confused me is that I get the eye on my pages stating that such and such a site (the merchant site) cookie was rejected. Why is the cookie being sent when they are still on my page? I thought the cookie was placed when they click through to the merchant.

    I think I'm confused. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

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    I've been at the P3P validator link given above for hours and none of the merchants I picked validate, except one that's on Haiko's list of Morpheus bedpartners.

    If you have put frames on some links to get rid of WhenU and StopU on some links for the same reason, that will make your own site incompatible with IE6 ?

    If you take all that off, don't use cookies of any kind, don't have a newsletter or anything to get visitor information, can a site with affiliate links on sub-directory pages get itself P3P compliant using one of the P3P editors listed on the page about P3P ? And then not have a problem with IE6?


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