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    Pushy Affiliate Network Managers
    Hi everyone,

    I work for a Merchant and I manage the affiliate program. I am a newbie, looking for advise from other merchants or others who have experience with this.

    I recently announced to the Affiliate network manager who is my contact person that we are running a promotion (no coupon code) soon for our product. She immediately sent over numerous proposals for advertisements and placements on big cashback, voucher and coupon websites. Since I am new to affiliates I hoped she could tell me more about why she is offering me these. I have browsed this forum a lot and I noticed there is a lot of caution to be made when it comes to coupon/voucher websites.

    She does not really explain to me why she pushes these websites to me and keeps wanting to 'move forward' with these placements although I clearly commented that I am hesistant and want to give it some thought and more information.

    Does anyone have experience with similar situations? Is it normal for affiliate managers to be pushy and why?

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    could you offer a bit more information such as:
    Is this affiliate manager supposed to be promoting your product? If so How?
    Are they a coupon/savings network?

    Remember, everybody is selling something. But some people dont care about your interests, only their own. this is poor business but it is how many sales people are. and they get their way often by pressuring people into doing things their way.

    If you feel weird about the situation or dont want to use a coupon/sale then just end communication. go with your gut instinct.
    if you want to do things their way in the future i can almost guarantee they will be more than willing to reopen the business relationship and do things their way.

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    Network reps are paid by the network to drive more revenue for the network first and foremost. Incrementality to the merchant may not be their primary concern (mileage varies depending on the network) so I'd always take recommendations with a grain of salt. With the big network players, most have a stable of "performers" that can include big coupon sites, big loyalty/cashback sites and some other players that may or may not make sense to work with. If you're looking to get the word out on a promo, introing you to top coupon or deal players may not be a bad thing.
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    Not every network operates that way, Wade, but I do know that some do. That's definitely not my first and foremost!

    Femke, you mentioned that you were new, so I'm guessing she probably told you about all those pay-for-play opportunities to try to help you understand what's available, as lots of newbies have no idea those opportunities exist. She may also have forgotten that as a newbie you could use some additional explanation about things. Hopefully we can help you here with that.

    As far as coupons sites go, there are good ones, and there are bad ones. You should be able to ask her for examples of the extra sales generated by purchasing additional exposure. If this is your first promotion and you want to take it slow, you should be able to share that discount code with your affiliates and let them run with it. Give them special banner ads to support it. Point banners and text links to a special landing page which highlights the offer. Help your affiliates understand why it is a great deal in your newsletter, and advise them how to make the most of it. Make sure it gets shared through resources like PopShops and FMTC. Consider a paid post on ABW to spread the word here (good way to get the word out without spending much and it could easily help attract some additional affiliates to your program as well as generate sales through your existing affiliate base.)

    Wait until you are totally comfortable with paid placements before proceeding. And don't be afraid to take charge of the program. Part of being an affiliate manager is managing the network as well. It should be a partnership, but make your preferences known so she knows what type of help you want and also when to back off. Maybe she's new to that role too!
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    Sounds like you need to find a network that doesn't put their own interests over your interests.
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    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    I was a bit frustrated and I would def like to mention that she has also helped me numerous times when I was stuck.
    As JCrooks said, I think is trying to let me explore my opportunities, that's a more positive way of seeing it I guess. This forum has definitely helped me to answer some questions that she could not really provide. I am aware that the network is also making money from our sales, so I think I should be a bit more firm when I look into my options and know that I don't HAVE to take those placements. I'll just try to steer her into exploring the options more, she could probably be of great help.

    Thanks for the advice JCrooks, I will look into those options!

    Thanks guys!

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    I like to use something I learned from Japanese clients, "Thank you, No"!

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