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While affiliate marketing has grown considerably over the past few years, it has always been challenging for smaller publishers to be noticed. This has been compounded further by the emergence of huge branded affiliate companies.

There are a number of factors that contribute to making affiliate marketing more challenging for smaller publishers looking to make money through the affiliate channel. As a channel that has always been premised on the last click, it is no surprise to see many large affiliate sites primed to convert customers across a variety of devices as well as online and offline.

With the channel being based on performance and conversion, some of the earlier funnel influence that affiliate traffic is able to provide has been largely ignored. Typically only a handful of advertisers have been offering additional payment models which sit outside of the traditional last click CPA.

Advertisers have always been keen to engage the longtail of affiliates and blogger and content sites in particular. Therefore it presents a confusing dichotomy why advertisers donít invest more time in understanding the situation.

There are probably several reasons why. Building relationships with many affiliates takes time and resource, both initially and ongoing. Similarly it is probably fair to say that traditional ways of assessing affiliate contribution (on a last click) are becoming outmoded and in need of an upgrade.

The tools launched by Affiliate Window this year have been focussed on making it easier for affiliates to enter into and be successful in affiliate marketing. However, it is important for smaller affiliates to be able to sell in their proposition in order to be noticed.

We have produced a guide outlining some of the factors that should be considered when trying to negotiate commission rates with advertisers which is available here.