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    Hello, everyone !!! Which kind of banners advertisement is best for business promotion?

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    Those that relate directly to the topic of the text. And, text links and product graphics are much more successful than banners.
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    Ok. Thanks for your suggestion.

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    Create high-quality, professional banner adverts that reinforce your brand image and, crucially, don’t mislead or irritate potential customers.
    Make sure your banner adverts attract attention – through an eye-catching layout, animation or a special offer, for example.
    Make sure your banner ads are placed well, on relevant websites likely to be visited by people who are interested in what you have to offer. You also want to make sure the websites your adverts appear on have steady, reliable traffic.
    Continually and methodically measure results, and refine your promotion strategy accordingly. For example, you could try split testing – trying two or more alternative adverts that differ in one simple way, for example by using different wording or a different image. You can then easily compare their results against each other to see which one performs best.

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    Hi Buddy,
    If it is offline banners ads, you may try use a catchy headlines with good offer to attract the customer. Never miss use a good color combination and matching the headline.
    If it is online banners ads, you may hire the some good freelancer to create a attractive banners, it wont cost you much. You may go to odesk, freelancer, elance, warrior forum to find this good service. I hope to hear you success in business

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    1. Avoid distractions:
    One of the most common mistakes in banner design is over-inclusiveness. Often, advertisers will attempt to jam pack as much information as possible into a single ad in a misguided attempt to get the most out of each impressionThere can only be one call-to-action, and it should be simple, declarative, and bold.

    2. Use photos only when appropriate

    3. Keep your tests simple.

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    What kind of business?

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