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    My family will be starting our own food business here in Irvine, CA. We will be delivering healthy meals based on various meal plans as instructed by a Dietitian/Nutritionist and we foresee success in this kind of business if we do our marketing right. We would want to focus on web based marketing since this is the most convenient way since we can have an instant Q&A with our clients through the social media. Can anyone suggest another way to market online? What about SEO? I have not encountered this before so any input will be appreciated.

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    Local search. Facebook and Google Adwords.

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    Hi Denice... In addition to paid Ad services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords I cannot stress FREE traffic sources enough. Though it may take a bit more time to develop, this traffic is more targeted. Instagram is my favorite free traffic source. Much more social engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Best of luck... and if you need help feel free to contact me. Oh... SEO for free traffic stinks. It drives me nuts. Hahaha. After you rank you always got to keep looking behind you for the person trying to beat you.

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    Google Adwords. Start a blog for your company and work on seo for the keywords that best fit your business.

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    To use social media is a good start. You also must have your own website to promote your products and services. Now, SEO is used to increase your website's ranking in search engines, such as google. It is a very long process but nevertheless can be easy and fun. It would be very difficult to explain all the mechanics here so I suggest that you hire someone to create and optimize your webpage, unless of course you already have someone on your team to do that. If you do not have enough resources to hire someone and none in your team has an idea how it's done, I suggest you do a little bit of research. Don't worry it would not take a lot out of your time and trust me it's highly beneficial to know some technical stuff about internet marketing if you wish to use it in marketing your business.

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    Post FREE Food
    Hey there, I was wondering how you got on with your marketing? I get the idea your business would revolve around your local area? In that respect putting Facebook ads out with a e.g. 40 mile radius of your base would be a good start. Here is an outline of what i would do in your shoes (Only my opinion)

    1) Create email capture page offering competition to win a FREE food hamper
    2) Set Facebook/Instagram/whatever social media platform to a 40 mile radius of your base
    3) Get a list of emails that you can promote to in the future.
    4) Turn Prospects to Customers

    I see so often that FB adverts just get people to their website and nothing else!! By getting an email address you can keep in touch with prospects and turn them into customers later.

    Hope this has you thinking !

    Yours Magically

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