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    Has anyone used them before? Opera now has an affiliate program, but they are through

    I signed up but the site is very confusing and it just does not seem organized or geared towards affilates.

    So has anyone used them? Payment problems? Merchant problems?

    Opera would be a great product to promote - takes care of all the spyware/parasiteware issues.


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    I would like to hear if anyone is getting reasonable results from the opera-program.
    The Opera banners look nice but to me this looks like it's only free branding for opera.

    The few kids who use a free version or a copy of Opera don't have their credit card handy to buy software I guess...

    Plus there are two better browsers available for free. Mozilla is open source and more standard. IE is faster (on win) and more stable then opera. So why should someone buy opera for $39 ?

    How many banner-impressions on a content-page with untargeted traffic would one need to sell one copy of opera ?
    I really would like to hear your opinions on this.

    My guess would be like this:

    Clickthrough 0.5%
    Clicks needed to sell one: 1000
    Makes 200000 impressions
    $4 comission / 200000 impressions
    = $0.02 CPM

    Damn.. I can remember Times when a CPM of $10 was normal.

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    The only one who could sell the general public a browser is Microsoft. Of course they'd have to make a version without ActiveX -no BHO pluggin ability- No Flash player -Adaware intergration upon first startup and a virus free e-mail client with spamm filtering. That would sell.

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    It is a know your visitors thing. On my content site people have previously discussed buying opera and the joys of opera (it really is the nicest browser).

    Looking through regnow, most of the sites they have as merhants are junk, so I don't have much faith in the program as a whole.


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