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    Can I get your opinion on themese?
    I was able to snag a 12 theme deal from Mojo that have good set up for each. But being new to the affiliate marketing and with little and no coding / programming, I have no idea which one to go with. In the end I know that is the POV and everyone will have their own opinion, but maybe one would be recommended better then the others.

    I have a lot of affiliate accounts set up with different venues. I have a 3yr hosting paid and ready, mostly because the wife has her own idea's an didn't want to wait to have it set up. I have over 100 domain names that can be used for various topics that have been collected over the years. Now all I need is a theme. I have listed the names with no links and please know I am not advertising, related to anyone of these themes.

    I was given a theme called rehub and was told that the person was not using it anymore and I could have it. The theme looked nice and I did a temp install to test it out.. then I ran security exploit scanner on it only to find bad coding.. (ie: base64_decode and .eval). Everything i read said the theme was bad and it redirected links away from my site. So using a theme 'given' to me wasnt an idea.


    These are the theme names I purchased in a bundle,If i could get everyone's opinion on which theme they might think would be a good one to start with I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance

    1. Aegaeus Ultimate Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
    2. Amsterdam Responsive Portfolio WP Theme
    3. BOX a Flexible Responsive Creative Photography WP theme
    4. Cefe Clean Responsive News, Magazine & Blog Theme
    5. Crescent A Responsive WordPress Theme
    6. iSloping Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme
    7. KeOne Ultra Responsive WordPress Theme
    8. Roma Responsive Portfolio WP Theme
    9. Propel One Page Responsive WordPress Theme
    10. ROEN Ultra Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
    11. Sport Multi Purpose Sportive WordPress Theme
    12. Utmost Multimedia Church Non Profit Charity

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    You have a lot of different resources in place, now you need to bring them all together. Spend some time looking at the theme executions others are using, but perhaps before that, decide what it is you want to do? What programs or vertical do you want to promote? That could be a significant factor in your decision. How does your competition in that vertical approach their execution? Does it work or not? What would you do differently to make your presentation better? Determine all of those factors before you select your theme.

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    Following up from that, as you have listed so many diverse-niche themes, you should focus on ONE, get that done and successful before going on to a second, third. etc. It is ALWAYS a major mistake to start with several sites, niches, at one time before you figure out what works and what doesn't on your FIRST venture.

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    Good morning, Thanks for your replies

    Well yes, true we have several things going on at once. I guess my question was a little vague with all those other things floating around. Sorry about that

    Ok, So I have this affiliate account set up with a online retailer and I am looking for a theme that would allow a front page store instead of posting as a blog with a "read more" attached to it like in the Viper Theme.

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