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Thread: Converting links made even easier with Affiliate Window’s plugin

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    Converting links made even easier with Affiliate Window’s plugin
    Last year we launched our Convert-a-Link solution for publishers. Installed just once it will automatically convert normal product links into affiliate links. We’ve had fantastic feedback from publishers – both those brand new to affiliate marketing and those that have worked with us for years that this tool has made it much easier to make money from affiliate marketing.

    To make things even easier this week we’ve created a plugin, meaning installing this tool takes less than five minutes of your time (about the same time it’ll take you to read this post!)

    1. Login to your account, go to ‘links and tools’, and select ‘Convert-a-Link’
    2. Tick ‘switch on Convert-a-Link’
    3. For the more technical out there you can copy the JavaScript onto your website
    4. Less technical? You’ll now see an option to ‘download WordPress Plugin’. Click this link to download, then simply upload straight into the admin section of your WordPress, Blogger or Wix site

    If you want more details, we also have a step-by-step guide saved on our Wiki here.

    “We LOVE using your convert a link. It’s an awesome tool that really helps change over all of our old links so we don’t have to! What a big timesaver! I’m SO happy to have partnered with Affiliate Window. We’re “The Handmade Wedding Blog”, and, as such, Affiliate Window has really helped us to connect with more of our consumers who utilize Etsy. Emma Arendoski, Emmaline Bride

    “I seriously LOVE the convert-a-link tool. It changed affiliate marketing for me. I no longer have to spend tons of time converting links. It’s incredible that that little snippet of code will convert all my links. It makes making money simple. Thanks a ton for making such an awesome tool – seriously! I wish all affiliate networks had it!” Kaylah Doolan, The Dainty Squid

    If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on Convert-a-Link, please get in touch with our Publisher Services team.
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