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    Question New Site, New Business, New to Affiliate Work
    Hi All,

    I've been browsing a lot of threads and working on my business plan. I was hoping to ask some standard newbie questions and was hoping for an answer or a redirect to an existing thread I've missed.

    Me / What I'm Doing:
    • I am building a site for my consulting practice. I want to use my accounting and business skills to teach people how to manage change in their business and grow to whatever level suits them. Could be e-business, service, or brick and mortar.
    • I want to diversify my revenue by creating content that makes me money such as product reviews (books, software, etc.).
    • I'd like people to be served ads or products (either served from a machine or ads I put in) that aren't necessarily part of the content I created in my second point.

    What I don't know:
    • Should I consider an affiliate program? When I look at, for example, I have trouble identifying whether it's for me because I can't see a product list, etc.
    • Is it reasonable to be an Amazon affiliate, serve google ads and also join a program?
    • Do you know of a program that suits my type of work if I'm way off-base?

    Thanks for the time, everyone.

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    First of all, you should understand the state of affiliate marketing as it exists today: Virtually every consumer product there is, except for extremely big ticket items - real estate, motor vehicles, airplanes - that is sold by some merchant, somewhere online, can be promoted through the affiliate program of one merchant or another. So, if you are writing about a software program, the name of that program in your text can (and should be) an affiliate link to purchase that item. Similarly, if you write that Acme Computer Model ZZYZX is the best computer for accountants whose clients run jelly bean businesses, then when you mention "Acme Computer Model ZZYZX", it should be an affiliate link.

    Next - finding the products: Start by doing a G search for the product and then go to the merchant site(s) where they are available. Pick the best deals, THEN find the merchant affiliate program. Most merchant sites, somewhere near the bottom of the page, will have a link to their "affiliate program" which will then give you some of the info, but will almost always link to the network and the merchant's network info. A fairly high percentage of merchant are on more than one network and will provide these options on their affiliate page. If there is no "affiliate program" link, the do a new search like this "Name of Merchant Affiliate Program". If no result, then you can start searching network merchant lists, or ask on ABW if they have a program and where it is.

    Finally, "Do you know of a program that suits my type of work" - there are hundreds of them out there if you look.

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    Cheers, Phil.

    On one hand, I feel good that your first paragraph was old hat for me even now so that's a nice thing.

    One thing I find challenging is that by, say, looking at, there's no easy way to see exactly what I might have the option to sell. It'd just be nice if they put their cards on the table a little bit. That said, I've found some great affiliate options for just stand-alone products that fit my niche so thanks for the inspiration on that part.

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    You will first need to decide what niche you want to promote before even starting off. Quite sure you might be having some knowledge about certain one and lookout for affiliate programs in those niches. Talk to the network managers and get to know more about the offer you are EPC's, Payout etc.

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    I might be misunderstanding your question here, but in CJ, unless it states otherwise with a note about non-commissionable items, everything that the merchant sells is eligible to be promoted through the affiliate program. So you can just browse that merchant's site to get a sense of the products they sell. Also, you can usually preview their links to see what they're promoting- those are usually the items that sell the best.

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