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    Can someone please explain this in a little more detail? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm still a little confused by the explanation below.
    Thanks for any comments.

    CJ's help section says the following:
    "Action Referral Occurrences: This is the number of times an advertiser will pay a commission to you for the same cookie during its referral period. For example, when a "web surfer" is referred by you to an advertiser's site, the tracking cookie is set and let's assume the referral period is 45 days. If the web visitor makes several unique visits and unique purchases over the next 45 days, the advertiser can opt to pay a commission to you for each one or set number of those visits and purchases."

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    I believe this is the number of times you are able to get paid for a single referral (clickthrough)

    Before, there was a cookie keep option. The advertiser could either pass this in as true or false, meaning that the referral occurance was either unlimited or 1. (Solely up to the Advertisers discretion).

    Now it looks like this is a setting on the Action.

    So consider the following secnario.

    I am a web user. I click on a Publisher hosted link and am directed to the advertiser site. This counts as a single referral.

    Now, I purchase something at the Advertiser Site.

    The publisher gets credit for a sale.

    Now lets say this next time I don't click through any links, but because I had a positive experience, I decide to go directly to the Advertiser site to make a purchase.

    Depending on the Action Referral occurances, the publisher may or may not get credit for another sale. If it Action Referral Occurances is set to one, then I will not get credit for the second sale.

    If it is set to 2 or greater then the publisher can get credit for another sale without having me click through the publisher hosted link again. And so fourth.

    The other check that happens is to make sure that the subsequent sale was within the alloted time (From time of referral/Clickthrough) as specified in the Action Referral Period.

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