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    A big portion of our affiliate money comes from Clickbank...ebooks sell.

    But from the other side of the coin - the merchant - side Clickbank is a solid program.
    If you have your own merchant account, you can sell hard goods, if you use Clickbank's you cannot.

    But there are some other serious limitations.

    Limitation 1 -

    If you're selling multiple items (from a single or multiple websites), there is NO WAY for your affiliates to send visitors directly to your product/sales pages. They can only send visitors to a generic page that you specify in your ClickBank Account.

    Limitation 2 -

    You do not know who your affiliates are! This is a BIG problem should you need to make important announcements/updates or if you decide to switch to another service provider or if you want to send them promotional materials.

    Limitation 3 -

    This is the major flaw in ClickBank's system: Affiliates' commission are often stolen by buyers who wants to save some bucks. Your affiliates put in lots of effort to promote your product, and they end up losing their commission because the buyer 'STOLE' it!

    Until - like - Right Now. Clickbank just became the best merchant deal on the planet.

    Check this out:

    Click Here

    It's awesome...Now you can become CJ, Snare or BeScrewed for less than $100 total.

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    If you must SPAM the board at least leave the default (target="new") instead of changing it to "top" as many will just hit the "X".

    Thank you


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    I'm doing great with Clickbank

    I know who my affiliates are, because I provide a members area they need to enter their clickbank nickname to generate their affiliate url...

    People who choose to sign the free affiliate portion will need to signup first - so I know at least their nickname and email

    People who upgrade their free affiliate to member will get special instructions on how to do it from within the members area - so they will just upgrade their account but not build a new record within the database

    People who sign the membership via clickbank will need to enter their data into a form after they got redirected via clickbank back to the site

    So there is no prob when you build a workaround...

    You can do great business witch Clickbank - great support when needed

    Ok, just my 2 cents

    Have a nice day all

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