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    How to improve the traffic with facebook - Social Media Marketing
    How to optimize the Facebook page traffic and generate organic search traffic with facebook insights? Anyone can give me your ideas and advice here.

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    Join related groups like your niche,Increase as much as you can
    For example..If you are into online business then join maximum group of Online business and post one posting in all groups....u can use some tools to post single posting in all groups at one click
    And don't forgot to add your link with every post...very soon you will find out how your traffic ratio is increasing.
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    Erik, you can only include your link if it is permitted. For example, here it is not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sahaya566 View Post
    How to optimize the Facebook page traffic and generate organic search traffic with facebook insights? Anyone can give me your ideas and advice here.
    I will always suggest you create a group instead of Page.
    Because users love join groups because they can express their feeling too in the group,
    BTW, you can go with your page too, Always post fresh content and share your page with your friends and groups everytime you make any new post.
    Don't post your blog link everytime in page or group. Facebook hate this and users also don't like leave facebook.

    So always keep ratio 1:5 between blog link & page posts.

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    Even this is my all time query...
    What if my product doesn't have any offer, discounts and anything appealing or equivalent same like other products that is hiking in market (online and windows both) ?
    Even I sometimes get languid and unlike certain business pages cause I find them too nagging and irritating to see very often on my wall.

    Whereas, my eyes get easily seized if I view DISCOUNT, OFFER and WOW exclamation in heading and crawl their site.

    I know my question is witchy but would want to have genuine and never decreasing likes on my page

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    To get more traffic on facebook you have to join more and more groups related your category. Make attractive page with good title and post there fresh content, images, videos that you can get more and more likes. Request yours friends to share your page and like your page more and more.

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    Just write viral content or rather create funny things. It will hardly take few minutes to go viral, if people will like it, then for sure they will share it.


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    Someone above me said to post viral content. Sure, viral content will improve traffic to your page, but it won`t be targeted traffic. What good is posting a cat video on the Facebook page of a brain supplement for example?
    You will need good, targeted traffic in order to improve your page. Read the main blogs in your niche and see what they are doing, get inspired from there but don`t copy them. Try to create original and interesting content.
    Your Facebook page is like a forum, try building a community there and traffic will come

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    You must start a Facebook group that drives traffic to your site – Start a niche-specific group where members can ask questions and get support (just make sure that you don’t forget to point them back to your site’s content).

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    First you have to create group and join related to your category and promote there your Facebook page. After that,must be a active user with new posts. Post creative pictures, videos,and content that users like most.

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