I have seen email products that teach you to do promo emails that are short, to the point, give a benefit and link to the offer.

When starting out your email campaign how should you start out after your thank you / welcome email...

Should you be explaining the niche in the emails? Do I need to explain why they will need the product?

I have been writing my emails this way and it is hard to explain in an order of a sequence to getting people to grasp IM and then determining the best product to promote for the topic. (determining on low or high ticket offers)

I'm sure you know it is difficult to put the pieces of IM together, so I'm sure you could understand the difficulty of how/what to
explain IM (then trying to choose the order) and then promoting to... then deciding the next step to explain and promote.

I feel like my emails are almost to plain and straight to the point with a link to a promotion w/ little care to my subs, how can I create care and relationship w/ my subs?

What do you think of this process?
How do you write for your email campaigns?
Is this a good or bad plan?
Do I even need to explain?
Is this how email mark. is done?

Should I break away from explanation emails (if that's even how you should be creating your email campaign?)
Should I break off from explaining and move onto short promotional emails?

Where can I look to provide value to my subscribers and build the relationship?
What are some ways to build relationship plus trust w/ subs?