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    How to make sure you get paid for your referrals?
    I want to make a website and become an affiliate for a few companies. The only problem is that most affiliates get paid from people clicking on their affiliate link's.

    The kind of website i have in mind would require customers to make the purchase in store, and not through a link. So i wanted to know if there is a way I can make sure im getting paid for my referrals.


    Lets say i make a website about cars. You cant buy a car online through clicking on an affiliate link. What I CAN do is get the interested customer to submit their info, and give that info to the dealership. The dealership will contact the potential customer, and if it results in a sale, i should get a commission...right?

    The only problem is that once the dealership has the customer info, they dont have to pay me if they didnt want too.

    Now my idea isnt about cars, but the same principals can be applied. I'd like to know if there's some kind of system that can be put in place to make sure affiliates get paid for their referrals.

    I used the car example because I work for a dealership, and normally when i talk to my customer i ask "so, how'd you hear about us"...and they'll say something along the lines of "i was on this website, i cant remember the name though". Now that website makes no money even though im supposed to enter them in the system.

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    The key is to only promote a company which has already committed to paying for their leads or sales by offering an official affiliate program, either an in-house program or via an affiliate network. Most car companies, much less dealerships, don't have affiliate programs for leads, so no, you wouldn't get paid for that. If you are going to do a car website, though, you can get paid from a PPC basis with Adsense, and/or you can offer car related products, such as tires or parts, navigation equipment, seat covers, etc. There are many programs like that available. If you have met all of their terms and conditions in attracting the traffic to generate the sale, you should then get your commission (provided the sale completed and the items were not returned).

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    There are far too many factors in play that interfere with receiving earned commissions through totally online activities and to risk losing earned commissions to the vagaries of such offline activities and through the actions and non-actions of individuals who do not understand and/or do not care, is a total waste of energy and resources. This does not seem to be a workable plan in the real world.

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    So even with an affiliate network, my plan wouldn't work?
    Remember, i'm in the beginning stages, so my plan wont be perfect. What i do know is that my idea ( sisters idea) is worth the work.

    My goal is to create a system where car salesman (example) can communicate with my motivated buyer and set up a time for them to meet and possibly sell the product i inspired the customer to buy. Then i call the dealership and see if any of the leads i sent to them were sold. If sold then they would be legally obligated to pay me what we agreed. I would prefer not to even need to call, but i will if i have too. Does this sound like too much trouble or a reasonable goal?

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    You are better off searching for programs that pay you for leads for the type of products you are referring to. That's a lead gen program.

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    A lead gen programs is probably your best bet. It would be very difficult, if not impossible, to ensure that completed purchases were credited to you. However, if it's a reputable merchant, it's not unheard of. We had a hotel client who paid affiliates only on completed stays, which could happen months after the initial reservation. They would batch in the completed stays as they happened, and the affiliate would then get credit. It was complicated, took a long time for affiliates to get paid, but it was feasible. In your case, the 'completed stay' would be the actual purchase. If you had a merchant willing to work with you, it could work. Another option is to look for a program that has a pay-per-call option. In this case, you'd be compensated for having the customer call the merchant. In this case, you wouldn't be paid on completed sales, but rather a smaller commission for every phone call you sent.

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