My client Mark sells a great product on a website that doesn't convert.
I know how to drive quality traffic to his sales page, but I don't want just to build a converting funnel for him and sell it with all my "keys".

So my goal is to build my own funnel and become his one and only affiliate for 1 year.
My client agrees that I keep the highest possible control over my traffic data and my campaign. So I don't need to give him data about my traffic sources and conversion rates. My client should just keep track of the sales in order to pay me the commissions.

At this point, which of these 4 options would you choose?
What are your opinions?
And Why?


1) I try to improve just his sales page, even if his funnel sucks. In this way I can drive my targeted traffic to a more consistent (and split tested) sales page.
2) My client agrees that I build a brand new "high converting" sales page inside my own funnel. (His sales page continues to exist on his website). **
...3) Other ideas?

** 2) Seems awesome to me because theoretically I can get the best out of my entire funnel. But I have to think how to connect my "Buy Now button" to Mark's bank account/order processing and probably there are many other problems - as I read on this forum.


Goals: Make Mark feel comfortable about the sales tracking method;
Not to give him more data than he strictly needs.

A) I look for a script/software that provides a realible sales repot to Mark, so he can pay my commissions with no doubts;
B) I keep going asking to Affiliate Tracking Softwars if they have something custom for my needs, even if many of them are buit mainly for marchants needs;
...C) more ideas/combos?

Thank you!