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    Hi, guys. Could anyone here help me to choose a fraud prevention tool? Something that could give us the exact security services for our business? There are some that I found online but I want a reliable tool that could track our online orders as well. Could you help me with this? I hope to gather new ideas from you. Thanks!
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    You may want to consider joining an affiliate network instead. Networks work constantly on their tracking ability and fraud prevention by affiliates. (Yes, full disclosure, I do work for a network, but I'm talking about all reputable networks here, not just ours.) It is very expensive to implement a compliance strategy, and the challenges change constantly, which requires relentless attention to prevent new fraudsters from taking advantage of new technologies to achieve their goal. While there may be some tools available to do this to some extent, if you want full protection, they probably can't either keep up or would be too expensive for a single company afford. In addition, new technologies also place new demands on tracking as well - things like cross device tracking, the growth of mobile, etc., which is something networks again constantly respond to because they have a large enough demand to pay the associated costs.

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    Thanks for your reply but it's okay now. I was referred to TSys by the consultant we went to. I've already made contact with them and I have an appointment set for next week.
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