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    Publisher Approval
    Great blog post shared by our sister company - zanox! Thanks benx!

    Understanding: The importance of speedy publisher approval

    An integral ongoing cornerstone of successful affiliate programs is speedy affiliate approval. It might seem a bit obvious, but at this point it bears stating. You are harming your programīs potential growth if you are not fully plugged in to the stream of publisher development. Publishers are constantly innovating. The publisher base is constantly growing by means of splintering. In this way, the skills and knowledge of the current publisher base is spread and refined. You are going to want to sip this moonshine. Here are a few reasons why.

    Program identity:

    Management of the Affiliate approval process serves as the face of an advertiser program in a sense. It is the affiliateīs first point of contact with any given advertiser program. The current generation of affiliate publishers operates with hundreds if not thousands of advertiser partners. As a result of this, decisions as to whom to promote must often be made in short order. Therefore, the first impression is crucial. Slow affiliate approval projects an image of confusion and of an unserious advertiser program. Because Affiliates shoulder the cost and therefore risk of traffic generation, it is not likely that an affiliate will wholeheartedly promote any program perceived to be among the unserious advertiser group.

    Advertisers must avoid this unflattering distinction!

    Program desirability:

    Part of the ongoing strategy for the vast majority of established and emerging affiliate publishers is competitive analysis. Part of this process is a review of relevant active programs (by category) upon competitorīs adspaces. A speedy Affiliate approval policy results in constant visibility across a broad base of affiliates. The practical effect of this within an advertiserīs affiliate offering is an increased desirability amongst the broader affiliate base. Just as in most walks of life, people want what others have. In this way, your program can appear to be a requisite part of the advertiser Ecosystem for the Affiliate publisher base.
    Publishers will spread the word both by intent and passively.


    The affiliate space is a rapidly changing industry. Publishers are constantly adapting to the ever changing behavioral tendencies of the online consumer base. It can be very difficult to keep up with the trends within the space. As publishers adapt, it is common for them to splinter off into new publishers, as mention in the intro.

    Imagine a cell splitting and duplicating. When one does so, it carries the genetic coding of the original in addition to some incremental mutation. In this way, new Affiliate publishers often carry the knowledge of past affiliate success along with desirable adaptations. These publishers however, commonly find it difficult to gain approval. They are something of an unknown at first glance. In many cases, they are passed on simply as a result of no body knowing their name. This is Blowing it! 101. Yes, I believe that is the official scientific term for letting these valuable publishers slip through the cracks.

    Money on the table:

    Maybe you don’t care about the above mentioned arguments. You do in fact have the right to be wrong.  What is not at all worth debating is the fact that affiliates left in a pending state for an advertiser program, cannot generate revenue, buzz or anything else positive for that advertiser.
    Each pending publisher represents an unknown amount of potential revenue. While it may be the case that a publisher may not produce a single sale, other value may still be added. That value may be branding, visibility toward other publishers as mentioned above, or simply more data on which to build. It may also be the case that one of those pending publishers will be a major diver of revenue for a given program.

    Imagine for a moment that you are given three bags of food. Keep in mind this fact; you have a refrigerator full of fruit, lots of fruit. Hey I don’t know why you only bought fruit, this is your imagination! Each of the given bags has nothing but fruit on the top but, you have no idea what is beneath the apples.
    Now, would you just leave the bags on the back porch to rot because hey, you have plenty of apples? You might but, you know there is always the chance that you are going to leave a bag full of filet mignon and with few apples on top. So, clearly you are going to give the bags a thorough look. So it must be with Affiliate

    Timely and thorough review is the name of the game.

    Newbie corner:

    Simply understanding the importance of timely Affiliate approval certainly does not mean that one has the time or wherewithal to do so. If it is simply not feasible for an advertiser to approve or decline their pending publishers at a bimonthly minimum time interval; that advertiser should request to have their program management contact do so. Program management needs nothing more than a description of the advertiser`s Affiliate approval criteria. If such criteria do not exist, it is highly recommended that such be created.

    Newbies, don’t be shy. Use your affiliate management!

    Get Money Home Slices!
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