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    Exclamation WARNING: Boost & Virgin Mobile Pending Offers
    Just wanted to warn other users...

    Last week I received two offers from each Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile... both pending offers show zero opportunity to receive commissions. Both offers automatically start on 10-22-2015.

    It used to be that you could earn $35.00/device sold. This has changed to $0.00!

    It might just be me who is receiving these offers, but wanted to make you all aware. Also, even if it is just me, it better be in error because this is no way to treat affiliates. Basically they are removing me (with no opportunity to earn commissions) from the program without actually removing me and my traffic. This is

    Here is the pending offer from Boost Mobile for reference:
    Action: Boost Mobile Web Purchase
    Description: Boost Mobile website purchase of commission eligible devices. Order must be valid, not cancelled and not found to be fraudulent
    Referral Period: 14 day(s)
    Number Of Occurrences: Unlimited
    Commission: $0.00 USD flat
    $0.00 USD flat on Item List: Accessories
    $0.00 USD flat on Item List: Devices Eligible for Commission
    $0.00 USD flat on Item List: non-commissionable devices
    Locking Period - StandardActions lock on the 10th of the month, unless extended.

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    FYI: After contacting my trusted CJ employee, he stated... "Both programs are shutting down at the end of this month. They are closing all affiliate channels across the board."

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    in July of 2014, I received an offer to join the Virgin Mobile program. After reviewing their TOS and finding some outrageous terms, I wrote to the affiliate manager. I know I did not receive any reply and the next month I again sent the same message. I do not believe I ever received a response addressing these issues. My email follows and it is pretty much self-explanatory. It is no surprise to me that the program is ending.

    "Hello XXXXXX,

    I was interested in accepting your offer to join the Virgin Mobile affiliate program, until I read through your "Special Terms and Conditions". In my dozen-plus years as an affiliate, I have never seen anything close to the ridiculous, absurd, and over-burdensome requirements this agreement imposes on prospective affiliates. I suspect that the vast majority of your active affiliates did not actually read the terms, as no experienced affiliate would ever agree to them, and new affiliates, well, they would be scared off in seconds.

    First, saying the agreement itself is secret, is an insult to affiliates and a red flag that you really have something to hide.

    Second, your insurance requirements are totally absurd. Requiring affiliates to have liability insurance, and workers compensation and automobile insurance? Come on, where in the world did this come from. The vast majority of affiliates have NO employees and how is driving involved in affiliate marketing? And, as to your liability insurance requirements, no affiliate with an IQ over 25 would agree to making your company and your employees insureds entitled to receive claims payouts for any occurrence giving rise to a claim. And just where is there a list of those employees, officers and directors and how often does that change, theoretically requiring affiliates to update their policy? You hire a new secretary and 2000 affiliates have to update their policy? And that secretary (and all the others) has to have their name on the check from the insurance company? Get real, please.

    Finally, for now, your long list of password requirements is just plain ludicrous, as is your "security" requirement: "Appropriate physical measures must be in place to prevent unauthorized physical access to Publisher’s networks and systems." What are affiliates supposed to do, keep their computer in a locked vault or hire a team of security guards?

    There are more, but these three more than make my point.

    My guess is that one of three things is in play: Either some neophyte tasked with writing this thought they were some kind of genius and would re-invent the industry, or someone took an old agreement used to employ independent contractors for tech work and changed "Independent Contractor" to "Affiliate", or, someone figured that no one would read it and after blindly accepting it, when affiliates earned large commissions, they could be voided and the affiliates terminated for failing to comply."

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    So all are aware... both advertisers remain active within CJ, but without any opportunity to earn commission. The new terms have been auto-activated, as the program remains live, even though I was told they were shutting down. Your links will still work, but you will earn nothing. Nice.

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