Hi, Brian. I contacted you more than a week ago to discuss why my SAS account got suspended. You sent me the reasons you found in your system, and I replied specifically with how can I prove your findings wrong but didn't get any response since then. I read some blogs online and found the same concern from other members, so I thought maybe if I post here, you'd see my message.

For the benefit of others, I was informed that I was recruiting fake people to the network, which was why my account got suspended. My guess is this is because I was able to introduce a lot of publishers to SAS in less than a month. This scenario may come off as fake, I understand, but this simply isn't the case. I lead the largest blogging community in my country. Our members are the most active bloggers, because they cannot stay in the group if they aren't able to check in at least once a week. They see all my posts, they respond to them, they read them.

I posted about SAS in the group, and a lot of the bloggers were interested. So, I decided to talk to them one by one, explain to them how the company works, and if they were interested (which more than 90% of them were), I would refer them. I answered their questions, explained to them how they can benefit, among others.


I have sent email to Brian and ShareAsale asking them if they needed proof so they can reinstate my account. My recruits are real people, they have Facebook accounts that I can show - they have blogs, they have Fan pages, they have photos. All the company needs to see that I am not making this up. Unless I can shape-lift to another human body and go back in time to create multiple Facebook accounts, the reason SAS gave me is just IMPOSSIBLE.

Second reason that SAS said was that I was asking my referrals to quit the programs and reapply so I get another commission.

First, how is that even possible? I didn't even know about that "trick" until they told me about it because "I was doing it!". Second, if they only listened to my explanation, they would have understood that since my referrals are REAL people, I can't just ask them to give away their username and passwords to me so I can quit the programs and reapply and do them "as much as 5 times." That's just crazy!

Another point - on my second month with SAS, I was only able to refer less than 5 people. LESS THAN 5. That's because the group that I lead don't get that many new members, so I'm speaking to the people who are already a part of SAS. If I was faking the process, don't you think I would've created 100 accounts the following month and get more bucks? It doesn't add up.

I have sent countless emails with no response. I have asked politely to discuss this matter but if you don't reply, what choice have you left me with? I was so excited to join this network, to be able to help my blog grow through affiliate marketing. But you've treated me and many others poorly, as you have chosen to completely ignore the communication from people who have helped your company in one way or another.

Brian, I hope you get this and I hope you can respond to my emails so we can discuss this further. I would love to come up with a reasonable solution.