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    Marketing manager for fashion company interested in bringing on affiliates. How?
    Title couldn't be long enough. So essentially I work marketing for a small fashion company that makes winter boots, the companies new website is almost done and I haven't done much with affiliates, I want to know what I need to do to make it easy for affiliates.

    From my understanding i need a way to track affiliates (i have been recommended to leaddyno, is this a good one, is there a better way?)

    The second thing I have heard some conflict about, some people say you shouldn't use affiliates unless you give them banner ads, other say to not waste the time and to let the affiliates make their own banner ads tailored to their audience.

    And finally the best place to find affiliates in the fashion industry, is there another forum focussed for that, or a jv manager that might be able to help?

    The new website should be up next week and I am just curious at what my next few steps I should take. If you have any advice I'd love to hear it. I am amazing at marketing, but affiliates is a pretty new world for me.

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    You should not try to pitch a new site to affiliates until you have a solid conversion. Are you running paid search to get visitors to the new site so you can establish your conversion?

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    The site is not exactly new it's just switchiing to a "Fall sale" these boots have been selling for 5 years now, and are in some retail stores. It's an established company. I just know we are looking at new ways to market and affiliates was brought up so i was doing some research on the best ways to do it.

    As for conversions I really don't know, it's more of a catalog and we have email signups, we have a newsletter, an article section. Imagine a mini Prada opening up to affiliates. Is it feasible?
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    It is feasible, but unless you have a very well-known brand name, you may not get a second look as an affiliate site. Do you have statistics on conversion rates for your site which can be shared with affiliates?

    There is a litany of things one must do to prepare for an affiliate program - there actually are people/companies you can hire who can help evaluate your potential then help you through the process. It is usually worth it, as having a well designed program established from the start will help you achieve maximum results.

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