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    Does anyone know wich affiliate programs do well with the main source of marketing being (Opt-In) Bulk Email? I have Huge capabilities but am having trouble finding wich program (of thousands) to run to my lists.

    Any help would be greatly apreciated. (both under construction)

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    Well by opt-in I assume your managing your own lists. Most idiots just buy perloined lists and mix in their blasts with 120 billion other spams to be sent out this year. All e-mail marketing to be even attractive for conversions has to be double opt-in and never a opt-out list.

    The legit e-mail marketers are going to suffer as they can no longer reach the prime buyers on company e-mail addresses. All companies have filtered/banned advertising e-mails to save millions on lost time deleting the spamms. Your Ad messages cannot reach VPN's or many major ISP's who subscribe to filtering domains who are known to generate millions of e-mails addresses.

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    Perhaps I should have been more clear. I am a partner with USM Inc ( We are one of the larger (responsible) list managers in the southern US.

    And we can send to businesses with about 68% accuracy.

    The mailings that I am talking about doing will be targeted opt-in.

    Thank You

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    A few--very few--"Advertiser Detail" pages at CJ mention newsletters/email lists specifically (as in, "for your opt-in list" or something to that effect--encouraging the use of such lists...). I would guess that these merchants have found direct email to be effective through past experience, or at least believe it is likely.

    Most do not mention it at all. If it isn't even mentioned by a company, it most likely hasn't shown itself to be a significant revenue source for that merchant.

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