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    Earning comission when there is no e-shop
    Dear all,

    I am starting a new blog and I would have a question to ask you.

    I plan on monetizing it earning affiliate comissions and I am hitting a rock.

    I will be working with local manufacturers that usually take order directly with their customers (for instance, Iíll be writing a review about a tool for a truck that helps vinemakers to haverst their grapes in a more ecological and economical way).
    Usually, the reseller sells this tool on different seminars about winemaking or agriculture and takes orders directly.

    Since there is no online shop (and even less an existing affiliate program), I was wandering how we could set up and affiliate program and earn comission with these products.

    I saw that it is possible to sell items via Amazon, but I am not sure that is something the people Iíll be working with are willing to do.

    Another solution I thought about would be to have a coupon dedicated to my readers and then the sellers would tell me how many order used it and that would allow us to calculate my affiliate earnings, but this solution requires trust.

    If you ever had the opportunity to review such items on one of your website, how would you proceed in order to earn comissions ? Said items could be sold around 5.000Ä a piece so it is quite considerable.

    Thank you very much for your help and time !

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    This type of situation is very tough to manage. As you say, such an arrangement based on trust is very unreliable. The only thing that I could suggest that might provide a measure of verification is to provide the coupons through a procedure where you can collect the email of potential customer and 1) have them "Promise" to follow up and let you know if they've made a purchase, and 2) where you follow up on each coupon, contacting the recipient and ask if it's been used for a purchase.

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    Dear Phil,

    Thank you for your input.

    Since it will be on a niche blog, I guess that I could have a mailchimp form that would segment the list, hence giving me the opportunity to track whoever collected the coupon (sent via e-mail), with a follow-up e-mail to which I can only hope they'll reply.

    Have you ever tried to sell items on Amazon ? That's the easiest solution I see.

    I could still offer the partner to build an e-commerce shop and set up an affiliate program for him but that seems like a lot of work and it is doubtfull that he'd provide me with admin access on his website.

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