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    Looking for a coupons feed solution
    Hey guys and girls,

    We've recently launched a deals and coupons site and are in the process of integrating deals through CJ, Linkshare, Amazon Associates, EPN and a few others. We've been looking for a coupons-only feed to integrate but we keep running into walls. We've tried FMTC, Coupilia, PopShops and one or two others. While we've had an easy time integrating the feeds, the content is just terrible.

    We're currently looking at going direct through the platforms, similar to the way we have for deals, yet it looks like the content through them is minimal at best.

    Does anyone know of a solution out there that would accomplish what we're looking to do that has decent content for coupons? We really just need a Title, Link (preferably a tracking link including our affiliate IDs) and a few minor details about the coupon.

    Thanks in advance!

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    FMTC seems to be the best in the space, surprised you had trouble with their feed which is used by top couponers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Hamrick View Post
    FMTC seems to be the best in the space, surprised you had trouble with their feed which is used by top couponers.
    Thanks for the response, Chuck. The feed wasn't so much of a concern as much as the content was. We were relying on them mainly for deals and, since we've gone direct for deals, we're now just looking to integrate coupons. We'll take a look at their coupons offering again.

    Much appreciated.

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    Hello, DTrend!

    I work with FMTC. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't pleased with our service. I would be happy to chat with you to fully understand your issue and hopefully be able to provide what you're looking for.

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    On the merchant end, I'm loving the results we're seeing from affiliates using FMTC and their support has been awesome. If you let them know what your challenges are, chances are they can help you dial it in ... lots of smart folks with a ton of industry experience over there. .
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