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    How to get sales

    I have a website in psychic live chatting.
    I get like 100 dollars for every sales I do.
    but the problem is that no one is buying?
    I have around 100 visitors a day.
    I have a person who do SEO for me but its not finish in 5 months.

    Do someone have any tips?

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    You have to make sure that the traffic you are getting is from a person/people that are perhaps interested in the field/niche that your website is in. Accidental traffic (people who weren't looking for what your site is about) usually doesn't convert well, especially for something like Psychic chatting.

    When you say someone is doing SEO for you and isn't finished in 5 months, does that mean he/she are still trying to get their SEO techniques done? SEO is an ongoing process that should never end for the life of a website if you want it to keep growing. SEO takes time to take affect and it's efforts are not usually seen right away (maybe black hat) but you should have seen results in 5 months. If nothing has changed in 5 months, get a new SEO person/service.

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    Besides the SEO issue, have you thought that just maybe not a lot of people are willing, able, and honestly, gullible enough, to spend the money it would cost for this "product" or "service" to generate a $100 commission? I would have to think that the conversion rate for this stuff would be exceedingly low.

    A couple of years ago several psychic-related affiliate programs popped up but it seems, and I could be wrong, that none of them were successful and have all faded away.

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    Make sure that your website is visible to a lot of users, you can actually do SEO technique life participating in some forums that a has a relevant with your niche. You can also do on-page optimization try to ensure that your website design is attractive remember some people depend their preferences on the layout. How about the content make sure that it will be engaging. You can try to search online to find out the best way to drive a traffic and gathered customer to sign-up.

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    In my opinion you should aim to increase the traffic volume which gets to your website. This way you can enlarge the chances to get conversions.
    In this sense you could consider to use additional methods to promote your website, making sure to target the most relevant and adapted public, as ulterios was also mentioning. Cause since the conversion is based on sale, you should invest efforts on laser targeting the most interested users, which means very high quality traffic.

    In addition, you might need to review the copy you of your Calls-to-action, their placement on the page and in general how effective are the creatives you use for the promotion. Here you can split test on different photos and test combinations, as well.

    By the way, as part of the website, can you additionally promote other various offers, to better monetize the traffic you are getting ?

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    get traffic from your nice sites or from your related topic so it can convert in to lead.

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