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    No cost Affiliate Marketing?
    Hello there, I am new here. I have quite a few questions in mind and here they are. So, I just realized is costs money to make an affiliate marketing website, although no computer programming skills are required. I have no money, I live with my parents. I could ask them for money, but they don't believe in this kind of stuff.

    1. I was wondering if there are tools online where I can make my website for free to promote products?

    2. If not, will there still be a money costs if I learn to program and create / design my own websites to promote products?

    3. What if I hired a programmer to create websites for me while I designed everything on the website to advertise and promote my product(s) and we split the pay 50/50?

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    Take a look at Yola for a free page builder. You can also build free sites at Blogger and Wordpress.

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    I started by buying a book on HTML and it went from there. My first website was a hobby then it dawned on me after a while I could monetize it.

    Wordpress is equally easy to learn and I still use a free template from 2009 and modify the design for each website.

    Imho I doubt a programmer will go 50/50 unless you know someone, even then what if it all takes off and it was all your idea yet a programmer is getting 50%!

    Programming websites is not that hard and I find all my time is taken up by writing for the website, I must have written hundreds of thousands of words over the years.

    If you enjoy it, it makes it easier.

    Good luck.

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    You can learn basic programming from a variety of free online sources. When I first started, I learned most of the basic stuff from a book - try the library for free sources. You can start a site totally free on Blogger, but you are giving away ownership and control over your content to Google (G owns Blogger). The best way to start with little expense is with - you will have the cost of registering a domain ($10/year) and hosting, which can be as low as $5/month, and start with basics and learn as you go. You will not find a programmer who is competent that would forego up-front payment for a commission split. Ever.

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    For starting on a minimum budget I'd say start out with blogger (free) and just pay for the domain name (only cost a few euros/dollars per year)

    Then after a few months once you've got some posts up and are convinced that the site is going somewhere and you're going to carry on import the content into a site self hosted (a few euros/dollars per month) and set up the necessary re-directs.

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