Well video might not kill html, but it will be an important dimension of a marketing website:
Aside from it being an engaging tool to explain what you can do for your customers, the greatest benefits of using an explainer video on your homepage is that it will direct more traffic to your site, build your leads, lower support queries – and most importantly – increase your conversion rates.
This is a great article applicable to affiliate marketing and marketing in general:
The start-up toolkit: 10 marketing tools every successful business needs http://startups.co.uk/the-start-up-toolkit-10-marketing-tools-every-successful-business-needs/
This article covers the background marketing needs for a tool and the tools themselves in such areas as:
  • Web Analytics
  • Video marketing
  • Survey tools
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Lead generation software
  • Email marketing
  • Cloud storage
  • Social media management
  • PR channels
  • Project management

This article is chock full of information that will help affiliate marketers and marketers in general.