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    I can't use Mailchimp - 1and1 Webmail not receiving mails
    I'm trying to use mailchimp (MC) and they need me to pick up a verification code from my webmail proper and then return and enter it to do a sign up form. But my webmail has nothing in there. But when I ask MC to send to my outlook address it arrives there with a verification code, but which won't work as it's not verifying the MS outlook domain but a 1&1 domain. I'm stuck with no answers to solve this problem. I can't log into their forums, I can't see anywhere else I should post this problem. They're not handling the issue effectively. Might I be doing sth wrong? Isn't there any free alternative that can render even closely to MC that I could start off with first?

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    Have you contacted 1and1 support team in regards to not receiving emails in mailbox? They should be able to assist to find the issue. And according Mailchimp support options page, they do provide Live Chat and email to their paid service users and Free Plan users have 30 days support available. So I would suggest contact them as well. If the issue doesn’t get resolved then try to get other service such as interspire email marketing solutions.

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    1and1 is the WORST online company in any field that there is. They stink in every respect and are totally ignorant, uncaring, out for the money only and have VERY questionable ethics and will SCREW their customers at EVERY opportunity. I say run from them as fast as you can.

    A legitimate company will help you out. That isn't them

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    Did you actually contact customer service?

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    I've got to agree with Phil. I can't imagine anyone trying to run a serious business there. 99-cent hosting, free this, free that, cheap this, cheap that - all in their own promotions - should tell you something. I feel sorry for anyone there that runs into a problem.
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