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    8,266 and ABW go back a long way
    It was six years ago, today (November 4, 2009) that Michael Coley welcomed ABW's "newest" forum - the Girly Checks Forum. We were actually the first "paying customer" under iNet, the new owners of the ABestWeb. Our subforum was located under the ShareASale Network section and became one of the most active subforums here at ABW. While we had that forum for only one year it was a very good year.

    The photo is actually from the January Affiliate Summit about two months later. I just published a brief blog post - HERE.

    Note: Girly Checks no longer has a merchant program and has reverted to being an affiliate marketing site only.
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    Wow, it's been six years. How time flies...

    Yeah, I remember you/Girly Checks were one of the most active merchants who really engage with affiliates. All those fun days are gone.

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