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    Alt tags and re-using images
    Im pretty new to affiliate marketing.
    I have a wordpress site and re-use certain images on a lot of my posts/pages. I would like to have different alt tags for each page for seo reasons, but it seems that you configure it for each image so therefore its one alt tag per image across all the pages I use it on. Is there a way to change the alt tag depending on which you page you have the image on, or would this require creating a different image for each page?
    Hope thats making sense.

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    You could download the same image several times into your Media Library and give each one a different alt tag, and use them for different pages/posts.

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    If its a site and you'r comfortable editing html you can edit the alt text directly for the image where it appears in each of the different posts by switching to "text" view instead of "visual".

    Thay way you can use the same image from the image library as many times as you like with different alt texts every time.

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