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    Article: "5 Ways To Get Your Blog Content Shared"
    Here is a short, concise, and excellent article for bloggers to get more exposure:

    5 Ways To Get Your Blog Content Shared

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    I usually prefer story-telling pact, and have an intution that starting with a story will grab more readers. Though I never tried the humour thought, I think I need to keep my temporal cerebrum senses high to think a humour for more readers. Ouch!! Though I love to read humoured blogs and incapable to get one for myself.. Honestly loved your idea about it

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    #6. Use compelling images (best if you can shoot them yourself) and locate them near the "top" of your narrative (so Facebook is more likely to use that image if the post is shared there).


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    Hi Phil,

    I click the links and get a great message from it. The simple 5 points you made that we often forget or ignore are:

    1.Wonderful Headlines.
    2. Story
    5.Easy Sharing

    But I would like to add that your content should be unique and not plagarized.

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