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    Any input on these guys?
    Also does ShoeBiz [img]tongue.gif[/img] own this?


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    I would like to hear some info about them as well, I was accepted into their network weeks ago, but found it to painful to create links, and I haven't invested any time in learning how yet, hehe, to test them myself.`

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    Haiko, I don't know who owns them, never used them for a revenue stream, but have spent some money there.

    The only things they are good for from an advertisers standpoint is:

    1) Branding

    2) Testing a banners click through rate

    I was not impressed at all with quality by click. It was a while ago so I don't remember the exact numbers but they were bad.

    Something like 1 click for every 500 impressions.

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    I allow them to control the 468 banner on my site. I get about $1.80 to $2.50 gross on my CPM and they fill aprox 1/2 of my potential pageviews. In the end, I get $.60 / CPM net on potential exposures.

    I got my first check about 2 weeks ago. The check showed up right when it was suposed to.

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    TF is very reputible from a publisher's perspective. I've been with them since Feb 2001 (I think it was their 1st or 2nd month in business), no problems with them at all. They were founded by several ex-Flycast employees.

    They are 100% CPM, and offer the ability to run both multiple defaults through their system and can govern the defaults and weight them against each other.

    They offer popup/popunder campaigns, although they are served via the 468x60 ad code. They also offer 720x90 ads, although these aren't that prevalent yet. They have some good advertisers like AT&T wireless, PineCone Research, Visa, and Alabama Gulf Coast. Their creatives are nice, and tend to be rich media (i.e. Flash).

    They definitely should be a part of a site's ad network diet.


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