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    November 9th, 2015
    Way to make a website popular

    I am about to finish development of a social networking website. Now I am thinking about the ways to attract online user to see a site.
    What are the ways of making a new social networking website popular?

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    November 9th, 2015
    Also I need to know if there are way to get some kind of sponsorship for further development maintenance of my project.

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    Well, since you have a social networking website then I would think the best place to try to start attracting visitors is to go on to the top social websites and interact and post about your site.

    Twitter works well for this from my past experience.

    As for sponsors to cover costs, once you start getting some traffic to your website then you can start looking at getting advertisers to pay for advertisin, sponsoring your site so-to-speak.

    Until then you can try putting up some affiliate marketing ads to try to generate some income to help with expenses.

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    Hi rajatsharma,

    In my opinion, coming to 'users coming to see your website' is a first step, but you should also aim to obtain some sort of long term engagement especially since is a social networking website.
    In this sense, I consider that one powerful way to attract more traffic to your website, would be to implement a process of adding updated relevant contents which should engage the public to come visit your site, come back and even recommend it .
    Think also about original and attractive ways to add to the website an interactive section/character.

    Additionally, I would say you can consider to manage paid campaigns to increase the visibility of your website and eventually the traffic volume.

    Good luck!

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