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    October Update
    Read on our blog.

    Here are the key features from the month of October.

    Preparing For Black Friday 2015: Key Trends That Could Determine Success

    The relentless onslaught of Christmas has formed the basis of many client meetings and nothing has come to encapsulate the importance of the trading period more than Black Friday. Last year we saw this break all network records with exceptional performance. Mobile was a key driver of Black Friday activity and interrogating the day’s data allowed us to see how consumers were switching between devices throughout the day.

    Latest Q3 2015 Network Device & Mobile Stats

    Affiliate Window’s mobile data is drawn from over 3.5m network transactions across 1,600 advertisers spanning the retail, travel and telecoms sectors in the UK, US, CA and IE. Clients we work with include Etsy, Hyatt Hotels, Ticketmaster and British Telecom.

    First Timers Guide to Affiliate Summit

    New to Affiliate Summit? Affiliate Window has great tips for making the most of Affiliate Summit in Last Vegas – provided by our Senior Account Manager, Jeannine Crooks, who has mentored numerous newbies at Summit over the last 11 years at Affiliate Summit East and West! Attending Affiliate Summit for the first time can be overwhelming. There are so many people and companies all clamoring for your attention in a very limited time period. How do you prepare to get the most out of it all? Here are ten tips to help you maximize your attendance.

    New launches:

    We would love to partner with you on these newly welcomed advertisers on our network:

    6599 American Express Travel Money (Global)

    6644 AllBuy (Global)

    6650 Oceanwide Expeditions (Global)

    6636 (US)

    6378 AliExpress (Global)

    6591 Desigual (US)

    6324 (APAC)

    6323 (Mexico)

    Tax Update

    Effective October 1st, Nevada and Michigan implemented their nexus legislation. Vermont, which was awaiting 15 other states to have similar legislation, has now decided that it is time to implement their click-through nexus law. Polls conducted by R Street Institute and the National Taxpayers Union showed a negative response by voters to Internet sales-tax proposals. McGladrey LLP offered an interesting take on online tax liabilities for businesses. In addition, more states are considering methods to tax cloud-based downloads and services.
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