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    If anyone is interested in being a partner or helping out with a brand new affiliate network then e-mail me at We just finished the development and are ready to get off the ground.


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    Sorry, that's just not enough information to go on.


    Finally figured out why people spend $2.00 apiece on those
    little bottles of Evian water. Just spell it backwards for the answer.

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    Hi Eric

    Yes the intro was a tad short... more info please..Mondera won't be moving but we have other partners who may be interested.



    Chris Sanderson
    Mondera Partner Management
    Mondera : Click Here
    Mondera Partner Support Zone : Click Here

    Web Studio-1 Solutions Co., Ltd : Click Here
    Microsoft Certified Partner
    Affiliate Management and Marketing Solutions

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    My recommendation for a new startup network is to read all the posts here and design your program to cure the existing evils. Start with Fineclicks horror story on wank poser merchants who they kicked off for spamming practices. Those booted will be most interested in your deal. Explain your mosue trap and maybe merchants often found lurking here might be interested. No good merchants ..then you'll need some qquick to get off the ground.

    WebMaster Mike

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