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    Question Promoting your Affiliate Program?

    I am growing and managing fuboTV Affiliate Program.

    Here's what I've been doing so far.

    Launched on CJ (Our competition is on CJ and we are leveraging this, since we have the best service)

    Created an affiliate landing page with an overview of our business, affiliate terms and a link to sign up on CJ.

    Affiliate Forum Posts (Usually Paid Listings)
    Free Affiliate Directory Listings
    CJ Recruitment Tool
    Directly contacting webmasters that I believe would make good affiliates

    Our in-house program was very active and a lot of affiliates are doing very well. On CJ since we launched about a week its been very quiet, only one affiliate is promoting us successfully out of about 150 (carefully approved affiliates).

    Why are CJ Affiliates not promoting us, we have a good offer and good payout it makes no sense.

    Where else can I promote the program to attract more Affiliate Marketers?

    What else can I do to grow this program?
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    You could offer a first time sale bonus to the 150 affiliates you have in your CJ program to get them started.

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