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    It seems with this update we have to take extra steps to get to certain places, why?
    How about putting the drop down menu to advertisers back on the front page. So if i want to create links for a cetain merchant, i can just click the merchant and go straight to here page. Also put the Web Site Performance section back on the front page and fill up all that grey space on the lower right. You had it right the first time, i see some improvements but put direct access to merchants via drop down menu back on front page and Web Site Performance back on front page. You have LOTS of space to put that stuff back, lots of grey space.

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    Put the transactions and performance drop down menus back on the front page. This redesign is a pain.

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    Advertiser Suggestion

    Affiliate approval now takes too many clicks and too much scrolling. Manually approving 100 new affiliates is time consuming enough. Please put the approve link above the fold of the page.


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