I've invited Andy, the AM for StickerCity.com to join us here during our telephone conversation yesterday. He seemed interested in learning more about the the affiliate business he's in, so I hope he'll make his presence known and I hope we can help make StickerCity's affiliate program top notch.
They recently went to a new system, which they apparently got free with their new shopping cart system. Unlike their previous system, this one only has links to their home page, rather than product links, text links, and store fronts. I wasn't happy with their old system as the nearly 1300 hits I sent them only resulted in one sale.
I was getting ready to devote a page to them, since I had contacted other sites who use them and they said they make a decent earning, but then StickerCity switched to the new system & now I can only link to their home page.
I asked that he join us here because reaching him by phone or email is nearly impossible, and I think we will both benefit from any relationship he reaches w/ ABW.

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