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    Happy Thanksgiving (and a marketing tip)
    First, let me wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all...

    And here's the "marketing tip" related to all the posts about how to make Facebook work in your favor:
    Create something unique (and without a sales message) every once in a while - such as my photo with message above - and spread it around on a few Facebook pages. Note that my "Happy Thanksgiving" is not selling anything. (Well, really it is, it is selling "me.")

    Results? I posted that on FB two hours before I'm posting this here - and it has already had over 200 "Likes" and over a dozen "Shares" and a "Reach" of nearly 2,000 views. Not bad for two hours online.

    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Happy late Thanksgiving to you Bill.

    I have always tried to do that myself on the social accounts that I use, personal or business. I think it helps to show that there's more than just someone trying to sell/market/whatever some product or service and shows a more personal side that people can relate to.

    It's not always about trying to sell a product or service, but trying to sell yourself or your company itself.

    Cheers and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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