An affilaite program for

What is a Sixty-forty program?
- Simple. You make 60% of the subscriptions commission on the first month and 40% on each month the client chooses to stay with us.

So how much money is this?
- We have two memberships. Our basic membership is $4.99 the first month and $5.99 for each month there after. Our premium membership is $6.99 the first month and $7.99 for each month there after. So let's say you advertise our link in your newsletter and generate 10 basic subscriptions. Now assuming 5 out of the 10 decide to stay with us for 1 year... from the one advertisement you will have made $173.70 with our affiliate program. Now that's assuming that only 50% stay with us for 1 year and they all sign up for the cheap memberships.

How long do people stay members?
- According to our research and due diligence, we have found that the price of $4.99-$7.99 is very insignificant on most people's credit cards and ussually the consumer will not take the time to cancel. Roughly about 75% of the members funfry currently has, have decided to stay with us for more then 1 payment.

How do we get paid?
- Weekly via paypal or monthly via a check.

Do we give out bonuses?
- Be one of the top affiliates and get your payout upgraded to fifty-fifty. We will also give out random bonus checks to whoever we believe is helping us out a great deal.

We are finally ready for launch ladies and gents! We do believe that you can be making some serious cash from this program, and hope each and everyone of you gives it a shot. If you feel that you can be a mass contributer to this program, please email me at so we can arrange some additional perks.

In the mean time, start making residual income!

Best Regards,
C. Pavlovski - Owner
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